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The Dave Johnston Memorial Undergraduate Field Mapping Prize

The “Dave Johnston” Undergraduate Mapping Prize is awarded for the best undergraduate mapping project arising from fieldwork conducted during the previous year.

The prize is awarded at our Annual Meeting in January.

For undergraduate mapping prize criteria click here


2013 Prize Winner

Nicole Duffin (Leeds University)


Previous Prize Winners

2011  Adam Pacey (University of Durham) 

           Geological mapping and investigation of the Northumberland Coast


2010 Edward James Fleming (University of Southhampton)

2009 Samantha Spendlove (University of Birmingham)

2008 John McNeill (University of Edinburgh) & Lorraine Field (University of Durham)

2007 Shaun Smith (University of Birmingham) Geology of the Cautley area, Cumbria

2006 Robert Thorn (University of Southampton)

2005 Ian Watkinson (University of Birmingham) The geology of the area north of Muckish Mountain, Co. Donegal

2004 Brian O'Driscoll (University College, Cork) Dawros, Connemara

2003 Daniel Tatham (Leeds University) Heilam-Kempie, N. Scotland

2001 Robert Randall (University of Southampton)

2000 Richard Tozer (Imperial College, London) Geology of Eastern Elba. Northern Apennines

1987 Sara Bower (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)