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The Ramsay Medal

The Ramsay Medal is awarded annually for the best publication to appear within two
years of a doctoral award. The winner is announced at the Annual General Meeting.

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2013 Prizewinner
Niko Kampman (Cambridge University) with M. Burnside, Z. K. Shipton, H. J. Chapman,
J. A. Nicholl, R. M. Ellam, and M. J. Bickle.  Pulses of carbon dioxide emission from
intracrustal faults following climatic warming. Natural Geoscience (2012)
Past Recipients

2011 Steven A. F. Smith (University of Durham) with R. E. Holdsworth and C. Collettini
Interactions between low-angle normal faults and plutonism in the upper crust: Insights
from the island of Elba, Italy. Geological Society of America Bulletin (2010)
DOI: 10.1130/B30200.1

2010 Jiulin Guo (University of Durham) with K. W. J. McCaffrey, R. Jones & R. Holdsworth

The spatial heterogeneity of structures in high porosity sandstones: variation and granularity

effects in orientation data. Journal of Structural Geology (2009)



2009 Christopher J. Rowan with Andrew P. Roberts, Widespread remagnetizations and a
new view of Neogene tectonic rotations within the Australia-Pacific plate boundary zone,
New Zealand. Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth (2008).
DOI: 10.1029/2006JB004594
2008 Carl T.E. Stevenson (University of Birmingham) with William H. Owens and
Donald H.W. Hutton, Flow lobes in granite: The determination of magma flow direction
in the Trawenagh Bay Granite, northwestern Ireland, using anisotropy of magnetic
susceptibility. GSA Bulletin, 119, 1368-1386 (2007)
DOI: 10.1130/B25970.1

2007 Elisabetta Mariani (University of Manchester) with Katharine H. Brodie and
Ernest H. Rutter, Experimental deformation of muscovite shear zones at high
temperatures under hydrothermal conditions and the strength of phyllosilicate-bearing
faults in nature. Journal of Structural Geology, 28, 1569-1587 (2006)
DOI: 10.1016/j.jsg.2006.06.009

2006 Nicola DePaola (University of Durham) with R.E. Holdsworth, K.J.W. McCaffrey
and M.R. Barchi, Partitioning transtension: an alternative to basin inversion models.
Journal of Structural Geology, 27, 607-625 (2005) DOI: 10.1016/j.jsg.2005.01.006

2005 Charles Gumiaux (University of Rennes) Strain removal within the Hercynian
shear belt of Central Brittany (western France): methodology and tectonic implications.
Geol. Soc. Spec. pub. 224, 287-306 (2004) DOI: 10.1144/GSL.SP.2004.224.01.18

2004 Julian Mecklenburgh (University of Manchester), with E.H. Rutter, On the rheology
of partially molten synthetic granite. Journal of Structural Geology 25,
1575-1585 (2003) DOI: 10.1016/50191-8141(03)00014-2

2003 Amir Sagy (Hebrew University, Israel) Dynamic fracture by large extraterrestrial
impacts as the origin of shatter cones, Nature. DOI: 10.1038/nature00903

2002 Zoe Shipton (University of Edinburgh) 2002 with P.A.Cowie, 2001,
Damage zone and slip-surface evolution over micro-m to km scales in high-porosity
Navajo sandstone: Utah, Journal of Structural Geology 23,1825-1844.
DOI: 10.1016/S0191-8141(01)00035-9

2001 Taixu Bai (Stanford University), with D.D. Pollard. Fracture spacing in layered
rocks: a new explanation based on the stress transition. Journal of Structural Geology,
22, 1409-1426 (2000). DOI: 10.1016/S0191-8141(99)00137-6

1993 Ken McCaffrey (Trinity College, Dublin) Igneous emplacement in a transpressive
shear zone: Ox Mountains igneous complex. Journal of the Geological Society of
London, 149, 221-235 (1992). DOI: 10.1144/gsjgs.149.2.0221